The HSE Policy is to establish AL KARRAR ENGINEERING CO. as one of the recognized leaders in occupational health, safety and protection of the environment, for both, plant design and work locations, and ultimately achieve the goal of preventing all accidents and injuries.

Further, AL KARRAR ENGINEERING CO. views a safe design of the plants to be an integral part of the quality of the services supplied to the client and consider HSE to be the primary duty of an employer.

The purpose of the HSE Corporate Policy is to clearly and concisely communicate AL KARRAR ENGINEERING CO. Corporate Management commitment to HSE to all AL KARRAR ENGINEERING CO. personnel, subcontractors and vendors.

AL KARRAR ENGINEERING CO. Corporate Management recognizes its responsibility for creating and sustaining a culture that supports the implementation of high standards of HSE. AL KARRAR ENGINEERING CO. Corporate Management, therefore, provides the necessary leadership and commitment to ensure that the necessary resources to develop, operate and maintain the HSE Management Program and to achieve the HSE Corporate Policy and objectives are available.

AL KARRAR ENGINEERING CO. President assumes ultimate responsibility for HSE.

The HSE Corporate Policy also provides the basis for establishing the HSE Objectives which set the limits within which AL KARRAR ENGINEERING CO. shall operate and the basis for the establishment of departmental and project plans and objectives.

The HSE Corporate Policy and objectives are communicated to all employees through Corporate Management messages, newsletters, awareness programs and campaigns, and training.