President Message

This is a great moment for Pakistan Glaucoma Association (PGA) to launch its website. I feel, this is the highlight of my tenure as President of PGA to see our own website launched where we can share our activities with other members and post lot of information about Glaucoma. PGA has taken long strides since its inception a decade ago. We have proved to be as one of most active association affiliated with Ophthalmological society of Pakistan (OSP) in this country. We have been making our presence felt in almost every OSP meeting in the country with active participation of our members. We also feel honored to be affiliated with World Glaucoma Congress (WGC) where we represented our country in the last WGC Congress in Hong Kong. Every organization requires active participation of its members to keep it live and vibrant and PGA is no exception. With our hard work and unity of our members, we will keep propagating knowledge about Glaucoma, the 3rd major cause of blindness in this country, on various public and institutional forums.
Long live PGA.

Prof Dr Nasir Saeed
President: Pakistan Glaucoma Association

1st President Message

"Glaucoma is a blinding disease and is prevalent in Pakistan.Pakistan Glaucoma Association (PGA) is striving hard to increase the awareness of Glaucoma in public about early diagnosis and treatment as mass screening is not possible in this disease. Our future goal is to setup centers of excellence in major cities.PGA is also trying to produce Glaucoma specialists who will be very helpful in dealing with the disease at grass root level"

Prof. S. Imtiaz Ali
1st President of Pakistan Glaucoma Association

President, PGA (2011-2013)

It is a matter of great Pleasure to write this message for Pakistan Glaucoma Association It is a historic and beautiful coincidence that the city of Lahore received this singular honour of having idea of existence of Pakistan on 23rd March 1940, foundation of Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan on 19th December 1957 and transformation of Glaucoma Interest Group into Pakistan Glaucoma Association on 25th Feb 2007. The Elite of Ophthalmology had gathered at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore to participate in 22nd Congress of Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmogy which was held jointly by Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology and Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan from 24th to 28th Feb 2007. Prof. Muhammad Daud Khan, Prof. Syed Imtiaz Ali, Prof. Nadeem Hafeez Butt, Prof. P. Salim Mahar, Prof. Muhammad Afzal Bodla and Prof. Nasir Saeed joined heads and drafted the organizational framework of Pakistan Glaucoma Association. Ever since its existence Pakistan Glaucoma Association has strived hard and played its due role in creating awareness about Glaucoma in the general Public through mass media campaigns. It also worked for the development of human resource through holding of workshops symposia, seminars and dedicated Conferences on Glaucoma. Pakistan Glaucoma Association is a member of World Glaucoma Association, Asia pacific Glaucoma Society and is endeavouring to establish SAARC Glaucoma Association. The member of the PGA regularly participate and contribute in the Scientific and administrative meetings of these supranational and regional organization. As a National Coordinator of PGA, it will be my endeavour to make Pakistan Glaucoma Association a source of inspiration for other subspecialty organizations in the country and bring it to the fore front in the prevention of blindness caused by Glaucoma.
Long live PGA, Long live Pakistan

Prof. Nadeem Hafeez Butt
President, PGA (2011-2013)
National Coordinator PGA
President, OSP Lahore Branch


It is matter of great pleasure to know that PGA under your dynamic leadership is about to Launch PGA official website. Apart from some general essential but very useful information about PGA, the website is going to open for us many widows of opportunities for interaction and dialogue with national, regional and international friends, patients and ophthalmology / eye care related organizations. Such Linkages with global sister organizations will open new doors for partnership and collaboration. The website will prove to be a major source of learning for young budding ophthalmologists and allied health personnel including ophthalmic nurses. The latest scientific news, papers, presentations and videos will provide a rich source of learning to those in need to know more about glaucoma, its causes, consequences and possible preventive and curative remedies. The website will also link PGA to millions of patients, their relatives, health policy makers and health administrators. It will thus turn out to be an excellent tool for Awareness and Advocacy. Lastly it will also create a forum for busy ophthalmologists with interest in glaucoma to get connected and socialize with their friends at home and abroad.

Prof. M. Daud Khan
Pakistan Glaucoma Association

President Elect PGA

It gives me immense pleasure to see the launching of PGA website, which had been a dream comes true. After a long struggle and a strong commitment of the Ophthalmologist of Pakistan for forming a dedicated group for the advancement of the knowledge in the area of glaucoma, Pakistan Glaucoma Association is now standing in the international arena. With the commitment to serve the humanity its members and leaders are working together. It has felt its presence in the Ophthalmic Community with its vibrant leadership in advancement of knowledge and skill. A dedicated international glaucoma conference being held for the last three years where experts gather and share new research. The Glaucoma website is another way forwards in their efforts as now the members of PGA as well other ophthalmologists will have an easy access to more recent advances in the field of glaucoma. I congratulate the President and other Cabinet members for their untiring efforts for achieving another milestone. I pray for the success of the Association.

Prof Dr Nasir Saeed
President Elect PGA
Councilor, CPSP
Dean Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology