At the age of 17, when I attempted to decline my grandmother’s offer of pocket money, she told me, “Don’t be fresh!” She then threatened to stuff the bills down my shirt.

That is not the sense of fresh I am using to describe Glaucoma Today (GT). You probably noticed the publication’s fresh new look the moment you saw it. David Cox, the president and cofounder of BMC, GT’s publisher, has stated, “The trend in print publications today is to shrink dimensions and lower the quality of the paper used.” Instead, BMC has increased the dimensions of its vision publications while maintaining their portability. “We believe the slightly larger size will improve readers’ experiences by increasing the space for images—the iPhone 6 or 6+ (Apple) approach to publishing,” David commented.

He has remarked that content is king. How people gather content varies. They stream videos, listen to podcasts, customize their news feeds, and engage in social media. They check their smartphones and tablets on the go. They watch TV programs when and where it suits them. They read books, magazines, articles, blogs, and text messages in various formats and settings.

You can follow GT on Facebook and Twitter. Issues are available digitally via the iTunes store and hosted by the Apple newsstand. Every edition may be found online at the publication’s website. GT also remains a print publication. “Although BMC is recognized as a progressive digital media company, the truth is that our print products have experienced significant and consistent growth year after year,” David has said. “In the field of medicine, print is alive and well.”

GT’s overall look has changed. Our focus on the field of glaucoma and our dedication to enhancing physicians’ ability to care for patients with this disease have not. Research, surgery, clinical strategies, therapeutics, practice management, and technology—GT’s content is tailored to the needs of eye care specialists facing the challenge of glaucoma management. Check out our fresh look, and let us know what you think. We hope you like it. n

Gillian McDermott, MA, Editor-in-Chief