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Pad Printing Plates

Pad Printing  offers a full complement of plate options, 4 types of polymer plates (water & alcohol based), 2 types of steel plates (thick and thin) and a new CO2 laser material. The polymer options provide for short runs, halftones and process arts. Steel Print Plates are typically used for runs of 100,000 – 2,000,000 pcs. Pad Printing’s  newest print plate option is the Emerald line of laser plates. Designed for tremendous detail, these plates can be made in under 1 minute.

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Pad Printing Inks

Pad Printing  offers a complete line of both Marabu and Ruco printing inks. Everything we offer can be used in either pad printing or screen printing equipment. Along with these inks color matching systems are available that will allow you to not only match the ink colors in each ink Series, but you can save these PMS matches directly to a customer’s database for future reference. Between these two industry leading manufacturers Pad Printing  Inc. can offer a solution to any custom or standard printing application.

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Pad Printing Pads

With the major acquisition of Pad Printing  a few years ago, AutoTran, Inc. has expanded to over 1,200 custom pad shapes and offers and industry leading 3 different types of silicone materials. All pads are offered with wood, metal or plastic bases and a variety of tap inserts. These pad shapes and molds are the original designs to which this industry has been built on.

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Pad Printing Ink Cups & Rings

Pad Printing   has a unique cup design, which is used throughout its line. The cups are made of a solvent resistant polymer and designed for ease in cleanup. The ink reservoir in the inkcup is deep enough to hold enough ink to run all day and wide enough to get you finger inside the trough for simple cleanup. All cups are designed with covered magnets so there is no erosion of the magnet coating and hence scratching of your plates. Available in sizes 2.5″, 3.5″, 5.0″, 6.0″ and 7.0″. All rings are double sided ceramic and are available in the cup sizes listed above.

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Pad Printing Blades

With over 30 various widths and thicknesses, these blades are available in any length. Blades for polymer and steel plates in all sizes and materials are in stock at all times.

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