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AT CMT Custom Pad Printer

The AT-CMT is a fully automatic pad printing system for printing caps. It features auto loading, caps locking, flame treatment, printing, drying and unloading all in 1 system. With easy setting up, durability and speed, the AT-CMT is a stable and economic solution for printing caps.


  • Beverages Caps
  • Wine Caps
  • Medicine Caps
  • Oil Caps

AT-CMT 1-4 Color Automatic Pad Printer for Caps

  • Automatic loading with hopper and mechanical loading system
  • uto flame treatment with electric ignition and air exhausting system
  • 1-4 colors printing
  • Automatic heating system after printing to dry the caps
  • Motor driven conveyor
  • Auto unloading
  • Auto pad cleaning (optional)
  • Well built machine closure
  • CE standard safety design
  • PLC control, touch screen display

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